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Terms & Conditions

Booking Terms & Conditions

A non refundable deposit is required to secure a booking of any Timewarp Entertainment Ltd equipment.

For any Jukebox package a £200 deposit is required, with the remaining full amount due 28 days prior to the event date. Failure to pay the remaining invoice in the stated terms, may result in the booking being cancelled.

Any additional items being hired without an accompanying jukebox package, will be required to be paid in full to confirm a booking.

If for any reason the event date needs to be changed once the booking is secured, please contact us immediately, as Timewarp Entertainment Ltd cannot guarantee the required new date being available.



Once within 28 days prior to the event,  no refunds will be given due to cancelling hire of Timewarp Entertainment Ltd’s equipment.


Delivery/Set up

Set up of any Timewarp Entertainment Ltd’s equipment will be done so under the instruction from the venue and/or the event organiser/client.

Once the equipment is installed/set-up, under no circumstances is any Timewarp Entertainment Ltd equipment to be moved or tampered with. Timewarp Entertainment Ltd will not be held responsible for damage or injury caused to property, equipment or person as a result. Costs will be sought if required, to any damaged Timewarp Entertainment Ltd equipment.

A delivery document will be required to be signed by the event organiser/client on the day of set up to the effect of the above Delivery/Set-up information.





Jukebox Enquiries
Call: 07494 990776 or email: info@timewarpjukeboxes.co.uk